What’s the difference between a Cleveland Corporate DJ and, say, a wedding DJ, or a club DJ? Quite a lot actually! In my experience, corporate events have several nuances that differ quite a bit from the above, including: The ability play appropriate music without much input from the client. Whereas a wedding DJ will generally have a lot of input from the bride or groom with “must play” and “do not play” lists, a corporate DJ will more than likely be working with more vague directions such as “something upbeat” or “family appropriate”. The need to be able to represent the client or brand in an appropriate and professional manner.¬†For example, I’m doing an Annual Marine Corps Ball later this year; I’ll more than likely have several moments where I’m needed to be attentive and respectful during key moments when I may not necessarily be “on the clock”. The ability to work well independently. Unlike a wedding, where the DJ is almost always the person keeping the evening on track with direction of event planners and such, a Cleveland Corporate DJ may never even speak to the event planner that hired them once they are at the event. There are times when the DJ will have very little interaction with the corporate representatives because they are too busy with other functions of the event – the DJ is just expected to know what to do with very little direction. Here’s the thing: a Cleveland Corporate DJ needs to be professional, possibly have a sales background, have the appropriate equipment, and know if being a Cleveland Corporate DJ is right for them. Professionals Hire Professionals Do you have insurance on yourself, your company and your equipment? Do you have an invoicing system? Most, if not all, corporate events are going to want to see some sort of proof of insurance to make sure your covered while working for them. They also are going to want to be invoiced (as well as provided a contract!) so make sure you’re ready! Nothing screams unprofessional like a lack of insurance, a contract or an invoice. Have a Sales Background¬† Lots of corporate events will have some sort of marketing or sales going on during the event. It doesn’t hurt for the DJ to have a background in this area; many times I find myself being the voice of the event (MC), passing out flyers, thanking sponsors, etc. Quality Equipment Most corporate events will require the DJ to bring their own sound system – something most of us “mobile” DJ’s are pretty accustomed to! However, a lot of these events will be much larger than your average wedding so it’s important to make sure you have the appropriate gear – high quality speakers, as well as microphones with the capability of reaching out over a large area. There’s nothing worse than an inaudible MC/DJ; it just makes the brand your are representing look bad to it’s guests. Is being a Cleveland Corporate DJ Right For You? It’s not for everyone, and that’s ok! Some DJ’s find corporate events to be boring. We’re an egotistical bunch and we love a packed dance floor and lots of crowd interaction…neither of which you should expect at the average corporate event. So keep that in mind – are you ok with being the background noise? If not, the being a Cleveland Corporate DJ may not be the right gig for you. If you are looking to hire a Cleveland Corporate DJ, please contact SkinnyBoy Media right away! We work all over NE Ohio, Southern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, as well as nationwide (if the money is right!).